Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Destalk AntiRace

Misfit Psycles Destalk AntiRace . . . .personally I prefer The Peter Keiller Appreciation Day Race.
I really do appreciate Peter Keiller - so much so I double checked the spelling of his last name before publishing this.

I know that if I don't attend this event feelings will be hurt. The Empire is a sensitive organizational power built on low self-esteem and the need to be recognized, acknowledged and loved by all.

Personally, I know that the only reason my attendance is requested is Peter wants a quazi police presence and someone with more legal knowledge (especially those offences dealing with public drunken'ness) than the average bear to help bail out Misfit members from the local drunk tank and rescuing dirty, mtn bike dirt bags from the clutches of John Law. Let it be known, I have as much knowledge and authority as a chocolate cop - no use of force options will be present . . . just my sheer sexiness.

My free time has been at a premium the past couple of months, and will continue to be so until the beginning of December. Since June of 2000, cycling has never taken a back seat to much of anything (ask my wife!). Alas, visions of sugar-plums dancing in my head and dreams of cracking down on traffic violators have influenced me to chase my goal. Thus my absence from the cycling blog-o-sphere and single track as of late.

This Vs. her . . . .

Time spent with a bunch of dirty, drunken mtn bikers or my little Peanut . . . . not a tough decision.

HOWEVER . . . .
In a death-de-fying feat of multitasking management skills, I have attempted to schedule (that's with a strong "schhhh" sound at the front) this AntiRace. With family somewhat in the neighbourhood of this galactic event, I should be able to swing taking part in most, if not all, of this schwin-dig. Be it known, I have a 39 hour pass from full immersion in becoming the next Sheriff Lobo and I hope the Empire appreciate my presence (90% certain - I still have to check with my wife!) - so much that I may even receive a little sumthang sumthang for my efforts - like a new sticker for my down tube.
And with the promise of soccer moms in attendance, how could I say "No!" ?


Big Bikes said...

Love that Izzard sketch...
quote that crap all the time.
I had not seen it brought to life in that manner though, thank you.


Unknown said...

She's an Angel...look at those pretty blue eye's.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

She's so pretty!