Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Apologies

Seems my poetry the other day made a few of you uncomfortable. Can't understand why. I had more complaints (I didn't publish a few of them - some of them were pretty lame) in the comments section and even an e-mail about some touchy feely poetry . . . . more complaints then when I take my clothes off for 'naked reviews'. Go figure. Guess you all are a little freaky like that.
Alas, my somber rhetoric and meloncholy poem (not to be confused with my melon calling) 'twas only an outlet for my longing to ride my bicyclette. That is all. That is it. I'm glad it made your testes shrink into your body (unless of course you are a woman . . . ) in uncomfortable'ness - like watching a guy kick hoofed in the cubes. "Oooooooo, that gots to hurt."
Personally, I thought it was damn creative. Wish I had skills (even skillz with a Z) in my creative writing English class back in my university days . . . . you didn't think my creative writing flowed naturally did you?

Anywho . . . my poetic style made me think of happier fall days . . . last October for instance . . .

miles of smiles

blew off work one Friday to go riding all by my lonesome

one of my first prize give aways happened this time last year - lucky winners received autograped photos of me - LUCKY!

caressed and ate some bacon

got my segway license

and rode my bike

**a prize to the first person who can tell me the rhyming pattern or poetic device [or modified poetic device - hint, hint] that I used in my awesome poem the other day**


cornfed said...

is it idontwannagonorea?

wv: zasione

InternationalManofMystery said...

So with google/cutting and pasting I think it might be one of the following:

Alliteration - The repetition of initial consonant sounds.

Assonance - The repetition of vowel sounds.

Imagery - Words or phrases that appeal to any sense or any combination of senses.

Metaphor - A comparison between two objects with the intent of giving clearer meaning to one of them. Often forms of the "to be" verb are used, such as "is" or "was", to make the comparison.

Meter - The recurrence of a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Onomatopoeia - The use of words which imitate sound.

Personification - A figure of speech which endows inanimate objects with human traits or abilities.

Point-of-view - The author's point-of-view concentrates on the vantage point of the speaker, or "teller", of the story or poem.

* 1st person: the speaker is a character in the story or poem and tells it from his/her perspective (uses "I")
* 3rd person limited: the speaker is not part of the story, but tells about the other characters but limits information about what one character sees and feels.
* 3rd person omniscient: the speaker is not part of the story, but is able to "know" and describe what all characters are thinking.

Repetition - the repeating of words, phrases, lines, or stanzas.

Rhyme - The similarity of ending sounds existing between two words.

Rhyme scheme - The sequence in which the rhyme occurs. The first end sound is represented as the letter "a", the second is "b", etc.

Simile - A comparison between two objects using a specific word or comparison such as "like", "as", or "than".

Stanza - a grouping of two or more lines of a poem in terms of length, metrical form, or rhyme scheme.

the original big ring said...


Is no one a scholar? I know no one is a gentle-man.

It's a style of poetry (keep in mind that I altered it slightly) . . . hint: think of syllables per line.


WV: aterp

Kark said...

I'm not interested in counting syllables, ..or anything much really, but the lines are short enough (most of them) to be haiku, but.
The real question is;
The last photo of this post captioned
'and rode my bike'.
Where was this taken? I don't recognize this trail and that makes me want to go there. ..real bad.

and btw. Segway photo and poetry in back to back posts.
whoa! hold onto yer alternative lifestyle there tiger!! lettin' some cats outta the bag? or keepin the karmic balance for pumpin iron and handling firearms?

anyway, thats YOUR business. I just want -scratch-, need to know where that photo was taken. mmmm railable bench cut single track..