Friday, October 2, 2009

Somekind of wonderful

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the fine folks at POM Wonderful to try out their pomegranate juice. I had tried it a couple of years ago and remembered that it was good, real good. But I don't think that I was aware of all the health benefits: cardio vascular, prostate health, antioxidant superpowers, and erectile function (hoo-haa). They even have a blog.
It's a tasty juice and immediately upon drinking only a half a bottle I felt that I had super human powers.
The fine folks of Pom Wonderful sent me some coupons. And being the good guy I am and liking to give things away via my blog, here's a little contest for you.

First two folks who e-mail me (address is over there under my profile info ----->) or comment on the blog (with their info attached) win a coupon for a free bottle (which, by the way, retails for like $4.99 Cdn $ - coupon is also valid in the US of A).

Here's what you have to tell me:

- click on the Misfits Psycle store link (over there ------>) and find three different items that Peter sells.





dicky said...

Isn't that silly contest over yet?
Didn't Peter pre-print the shipping label with my name on it before it even started?

wv: jazuslib

Kark said...

Thats a sweet deal on great stuff!
I add that stuff to my smoothies. Adds a real nice punch to them.
My only gripe, and it's really not an issue as I've made it work for me, is that it's too cloying to drink on it's own. I have to cut it with mineral water or soda. Otherwise it's like drinking extract.
but. thats a good thing, because it's not cheap, cutting it makes it go all the further.
If you haven't tried it with Perrier, then try it. Very nice!

the original big ring said...

Richard - you cheated. Let's see you give that frame away to a deserving blog reader . . . or me.

Kark-ee-pants - mmmmm mmmmmm good with bubbly water.

Gots one winner so far - Chris from Ohio!

Peter Keiller said...

If you don't send me a coupon I am going to wipe my taint with things that I will eventually send to you. And I won't tell you which things or when.

Of course this won't be any different then that t-shirt you just pulled over your head, but somehow, the admission makes me feel more macho.