Monday, October 12, 2009

Something is missing

Something is missing this year . . . . besides my lack of riding. Around this time last year, Lenny (aka fatass Dr. Phil) helped me put on the O.P.R.A.H. Turkey Time Trial. Fun event, tooken place out in the South March Highlands in Kanata.

Unfortunately, due to my life altering change of plans, it didn't happen this year. It would have been a fun event this weekend to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (yes, my American friends, we too have Thanksgiving sans Pilgrims).

I am promising to have this event running again next year. It was for free and for fun, for shits and giggles. I don't recall the last time I got any fun for free and any giggles with my shits. I can't wait til next year to do both at the same time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Fyi . . . pumpkin pie is my most favourite of the pies. If anyone wants to send me one I'd be more than happy to receive. I ate it for breakfast this morning too.

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Disco Stu said...

I was looking forward to seeing Dr. Phil and Oprah again this year, but hey, I can wait another year, and maybe we'll see you giggle with your shit????

BTW, pumpkin pie for breakfast is the bomb, but even better is my mom's butterscotch pie. Yuuuuuuumy!