Monday, November 16, 2009

Antiphoto Destalk

No nudity, no soccer moms . . . . pfffft. Promises, promises. Improvements for next year perhaps?

The 2009 Destalk AntiRace, formerly known as the Peter Keiller Appreciation Ride, was fun.

Fun I say. I dare say that it was more fun than I've had on a bike in the past three months.

It was my first ride on my mtn bike (for fear of death and/or injury) since September 1st and I had a big smile on my face for most all of the day (most all except the big ass big hill climb to start the day - fugg me!).

I've got a big photo dump that I will post up on the weekend - stay tunned.

*Late edit - stolen from Petah and

3+ km and 12% grade . WTF! Three months off the bike and face this . . . . weeeeeee hooooooo hoooooooo

More photos here (and if you look REALLY hard you might see me in one).

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