Sunday, November 22, 2009

Destalk AntiRace 2009 Photo Dump

worst coffee ever . . . the cookie wasn't bad

Big Curve Acres - picked up Curvy Butt along the way

haven't been on a road trip with Curvy Butt all year -t'was old times

five rides since September 1st - bet your ass I was lubing my arse

207 lbs of hulking, lumbering lov'in

I was hoping by the time we arrived on Saturday Blue Mountains would have been bulldozed to the ground. Maybe not a mountain from where you're from . . . but I still had to go up it.

nearly died

Castle Keiller

random burr bush attacks on Marc

Vegan Vagabond eats some sort of pressed vegan saw dust treat

the alternative was an expired E-Load gel: exp. September '08 - scrummm-diddly-scrumptious

Misfit still in the woods - frequent shots of Jagermeister kept the germs and worms at bay

the original big fat ring

November, fourteen degrees, sun and single track

two days earlier I sprained my finger. Saturday morning I couldn't close my hand. This was what it looked like after the ride.

LinkFreak'in scary

After admiring Scott's prize (for getting lost or something) he was generous enough to give it to me. WHO DOESN"T WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT?!?! I had a hard time of deciding to either use it as new living room curtains or to put it on the wall over the headboard to our bed. I went with the latter . . . . if the bed is a rock'in, don't come a knock'in.


rick is! said...

plus, the curtain will remind you of the importance of foreplay. I'm sure wifey will appreciate the extra effort.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I don't think those burr attacks were random. Just ask Jouko.

I'm not sure if people really want to see your chamois, Big Ring. I guess we should be glad its in a pre-ride condition but still.

Mysty said...

that KISS curtain is da bomb... sorry for highjacking yoru blog as I don't know you personally...

the original big ring said...

Hey Mysty,

hi-jack away!

I'm wrapped up it in right now.

ultra sexy comfort


Mysty said...

oh my BIGGY... no need to tell us what you do with your KISS curtain behind closed doors... LOL!!!

inviting me officially is like allowing me to troll both your site and Peter Parkers...

cheers, Mysty

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