Monday, November 2, 2009

Get your ride on

One of my two most favourite times of the year in the Gats.
I poached this last week off Joanne Holden's site (without permission I might add - I don't have her e-mail - sorry Joanne if you're reading). You many have visited before, Musicians On Skis. It's a pictorial blog, so no heavy reading - perfect for cixelsyd illiterates likes me.

She takes a mean photograph, and most deal with nature and outdoor activities that take place in Gatineau Park. She's also a great source of info during the xc ski season with trail conditions.

If I am lucky, I may get one to two more road rides in this year in the Gats without having to look over my shoulder for traffic - just the odd ride blowing by me.

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Peter Keiller said...

let's talk f work road rides in the Gat.
call me.
i'm done this 11-3 bullshite.