Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaves and The Leafs

Three days home this weekend on account of Remembrance Day this coming Wednesday. So nice to be home with the family and my mind off of school and training.

Got caught up with some yard work. All the leaves are down and lots of bags to be filled. Freak'in leaves . . . must be the third time that I've raked the entire back yard.

Didn't get a ride (toady) in but I did get a chance to work on a bike - my little neighbours bike needed some fine tunning.

The Leafs, as opposed to the ones I was raking all morning, haven't been able to help themselves, so I figured me and The Peanut would have to do our part while watching Hockey Night In Canada. The Peanut with her newest Leaf hoodie.

Go Leafs Go!
Seemed to help as we scored the first goal of the game against Detroit (only the second time this season that we opened the scoring in a game). The Peanut would only catch the first period and would have to wait to find out that we won - only the third win of the season and two in a row. Toronto fans everywhere are preparing for the parade. Maybe in her lifetime she'll see Stanley Cup arrive in Toronto . . . I'm not holding my own breath to experience that though.
What can I say, I am a sucker for punishment.

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