Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shoot me (or the blog) now

Some days . . . . some days . . . . some days I feel like pulling the plug, putting a hole through the blogosphere and putting this blog out of it's misery.

Really, what's there to BLOG-ITTY-BLOG about? This is supposed to be a cycling blog, right? Not much cycling going on and won't be for some time. And when I do finally have something bike related to say, do you really want to read about me training in my basement on my trainer for the next four or so months? You could fuck off right now and not return until late March and I might have something worth writing about. Or, I may not.


I've made the decision that this year I am not going to be chasing the sponsorship bus around trying to land free shit - even if it's stuff I already use and have used for years - like Crank Bros products, Kenda tires and tubes, Ergon grips, Progold Lubricants and so on. If I'm approached by any company to use their products (and I believe in them and like them) I'll use them. But I'm not seeking out any kind of endorsement love. **Note: any corporation wanting to sponsor an overweight, middle of the pack (at best) hack who rides single speed in Canada . . . . . my e-mail is over there --> Yes, that does sound like an attractive offer - how could you resist?!**

First, it's a lot of work tracking down anyone willing to sponsor you. It's a lot more work trying to convince them that you've got anything to offer them - especially true if you lack skill, talent or any kind of natural ability. Secondly, time - I don't have the time to hit up sponsors. It takes a lot of time contacting and convincing sponsors. I'd much rather be using that time laying around on the couch or making frequent trips to the fridge.

I will be keeping the Misfit placard over there ----- --> for next season. I've got a contractual obligation to represent Misfit Psycles (apparently they own part of my soul or something ?!?) and the suits are unwilling to take their pointy claws out of my over weight carcass until they have somehow retrieved their financial investment for providing me with the bestest pink bike on the planet that I get to squeeze between my sweaty, hariy thighs. A nice thought to leave you with . . . my hairy, sweaty thighs.


Big Bikes said...

You could spend your blawging time making fun of other blawgers, or talking about how much you want to ride your bike, or just write fictional stories about riding your bike...ones with Chupacabras and Big Foots in them.


Peter Keiller said...

deep breath.
come on out to delstalk. you'll have a good time, you'll will come back.

if it doesn't, hell, cause i like you, i'll kick out the chair for you!

be well fuckface.

WV - menhusle

Doug Brummett said...

Welcome to life as a bicycle loving, beer drinking, not enough time to train, non-racing,.... (you get the idea)

Nothing wrong with just living life. I let people know right upfront when at my blog they get whatever I got. I am all over the map, computers, woodworking, beer commentary, family, or whatever else strikes. Amazingly people still read my drivel from time to time.