Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A new jewel to add to the bike. I may be a bit behind on this piece of news - just saw it.
Me likey long time.

**Note: ten more days to make my goal of one-third the followers that Dicky has got (equaling 3.66666 more followers). My self-esteem is in the basement this past month, so what better way to drag me out of the depths of self-pity.
Tell your friends!**


R.Matthew Simmons said...

That's a pretty sweet seat collar.

I ordered a replacement bolt for my Thompson stem face plate and it showed up in a fancy bag that weighed more than the bolt.

Just kidding.

Looks like someone got a seat collar and a bag to carry your weed.

Big Bikes said...

I'm going to start several more blogs, just so I can follow you and help you make your goal.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

I just use reader so I have no idea why I'd want to follow you too but I did it anyway. It's my Christmas present to you.

Anyway, anything to perk you up. Get out of this endless funk already Big Ring!

the original big ring said...

NOB - haven't gotten one . . . yet!

Thom - excellent - maybe a how to kill yourself with shitty food blog?

VV - Tanks! I feel better already! I'm getting you a tofurkey this X-mas.