Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dracula saved me from riding my bike on the trainer

After yesterday's training ride I was all tuckered out and looking for excuses not to ride. Found a good one - go donate blood. I know that after you give blood they tell you not to do anything strenuous for at least five hours after donating . . . perfect, my arse was still sore anyway.

Actually, I was planning on donating tonight anyway - so happens that it got me out of a workout. Goodie for me!

I've got an ink session with Julie this Saturday which means that I won't be able to donate for six months (them the rules if you get a tattoo), so I wanted to get another donation in before then. Did you know that you can donate every 56 days? You can, and you should.

It's easy for me as the Canadian Blood Services central Ottawa office and clinic is just around the corner in my neighbourhood. I've been donating regularly since I was in university with a few breaks in-between the years when I've gotten tattoo work done.

Takes me less than an hour to go through the whole process - getting signed in, reading through the questions, preparation stuff, donating (which is the quickest part), rest and goodies.

I'm actually using donating as part of my training - that bag of blood must weigh close to a half a pound?! Wicked. How many ways can you drop that much weight in under an hour?!?
However, I probably eat a half pound of goodies afterwards.

Did you know:

  • One donation can save three lives.
  • That your blood type says a lot about you (got to know your blood type).
  • Best question they ask: "Have you handled monkeys or monkey feces in the past ten years?" Oh, the fun you could have answering that one.
  • The needle doesn't hurt . . . . really, it doesn't.
  • Nurses are friendly and funny.
  • And the best part . . . you can eat as many cookies, donuts, granola bars, sweets and juice as you like when you're done! Guilt free! Whoot!

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