Friday, January 1, 2010

From Steve, Shirley and myself . . .

Happy New Year from Steve, Shirley and myself.

I've failed on meeting my *goal* of getting one third the following that there is over at Bad Idea Racing. Great failure. Being three thirds the size of Dicky, I figured I could at least scrounge up one third of the number of followers. I needed 2.7333333 more followers. Fail. Perhaps it's because I'm not an established writer, famous celebrity, not a very good driver of bicycles, that witty or sharp with the typing of words on the blog-o-sphere . . . whatever it is, I fail.
That means my self-esteem and sense of self worth, which by the way I hold you responsible for, will be in the shitter for the beginning of 2010. Until I can fabricate a few false identities to add to my list of followers, thus artificially filling the hole in my ego, I'm going taking a step off the ledge and plummeting into a big bag of Doritos to take away the pain of suckiness.
Thanks fuggers & happy new year.

*Goal* - pfffft . . . lose weight, get faster, win races . . . . pffffft. Those aren't goals, those are unrealistic. My only true success comes from gaining a false sense of self worth by way of having people I don't know read the blog. Makes sense. Meh.

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