Friday, January 29, 2010

Death of a winter beater & gastrointestinal disorder

My purple winter beater died. Died it did. Done up and died. It's gone to the glue factory.
To be honest, I'm not commuting to work this winter due to the nature of the job and sketchy long hours - getting off at 3:30 in the morning, or having to do five extra hours of overtime and riding home is not my cup of tea.
Whimp you say. Whimp I am.
I'm waiting for warmer temperatures for sure.

Back to the topic at hand . . . the death of a winter beater. Inevitable isn't it? Salt, road grime, freezing temperatures, thawing, warming and repeating. Harsh. Winter deaths come early to machines made of steel.

In my grief, and my day off (the snow sucked to go skiing, so inward bound I was today), I started a new commuter project of left-over parts and my old road bike. The result:

Taa -daa

I dropped the drop bars for some comfy mtn bike bars. And they aren't all narrow hipster style either. I make my own fashion statements thank you. Notice the purple bell resurrection.

notice the custom decal job?
"no gas" . . . petrol or gastrointestinal you ask ?
"go" on the top tube
all together now: "go no gas"
I was limited to what I could spell with the decals that I had.

ghetto single speed conversion - an old worn out derailleur makes a great chain tensioner

incomplete without a little death and destruction

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