Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Fat & Special Needs Cycling Shoes

Noth'in on but my socks - lucky you.
Left & Right
I figure that I actually probably weigh 195 lbs as I my socks, I reckon, weigh about 3 lbs each.
Makes sense to me.

Two things:

First - I'm not as fat as I was a month or so ago. I'm down to an unrespectable 201 lbs. Down from 207lbs. And if my finger math serves me correct . . . that's . . . 1-2-3-4-5-6 . . . . 6lbs lost.
I don't think that I can hit my ideal riding weight from couple years ago of 186lbs. Too difficult and probably not safe to get down another 15 lbs over the next two and a half months or so.

Let's say another 10 weeks of do-able weight loss time left before the season kicks off when it will be a little unrealistic to try and lose weight. It's healthy and safe and reasonable and realistic to lose a pound a week. So I am looking at, if my finger math again serves me correctly . . . 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 . . . . another 10lbs. Which would put be at about 191lbs.
Meh. Close enough.

Second - all of my socks are labeled with a "L" (for 'left' - dummy) and "R" (for 'right' - dummy).
Dat be true.

I've been told that I am a 'special kind of guy' who has some 'special needs', and I wouldn't argue that for one minute. So with the connections that I have in the cycling community I've been able to pull some strings and work in conjunction with a major cycling shoe company to develop a custom pair of cycling dwags for me for this upcoming season.

I am awesome.


Peter Keiller said...

nice job chub.
since the end of my riding career in late november i have begun a tightly wound and brilliantly constructed regime of fad dieting and supercalafragastelics.
you wont have heard of it before. i invented it.
as of the other night i hit 194.

that is, LESS than you despite my powerful man breasts and Herculean pipes.

not that what you have mustered isnt just fine too.

see you in the front row, elite class mf!

my word ver? DUMSTIC. perfect!

the original big ring said...

i am sticking a feather down my gullet as i type in order to shed some excess baggage. all for the sake of being less heavy than you muth'a fugger