Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mash Potatoes

I've been in a mental funk for the past month or so - perhaps you've noticed? The blog has been lacking lately, don't think I haven't noticed. Seems I've been clawing and digging at things to write about. It'd probably help if I actually did stuff . . .

The past three or so months of being away, training for my new career, out of routine, diet messed up, gained some hefty weight, not exercising (at least not in a cardiovascular kind of way) regularly, blah, blah, blah - really messed me up. I'd have to say that I'm in the worse cardio fitness shape that I've been in since the summer of 2001. Being conscious of all that junk really beats me up and I've struggled to "get going" again.

Thankfully I've managed to force myself to climb on the trainer the past couple of days. Seemed to have stoked the motivation fire inside somewhat, as today I finally got out for me first skate ski of the season - a short one, but a ski nonetheless - and on New Years day.

What helps is having friends to help my arse out the door and back into some sort of fitness routine.

Giles (as in 'miles') and Curvy Butt waiting for my fat, yet soon to be slimmer, ass.

Melissa giving her new skate skis a workout.

Very tempting to lie down like a quivering mass of out of shape jello (is jello ever in shape . . . am I?!)

'Twasn't that cold out and the snow was actually pretty fast considering it was new and deep.

Someone mentioned that it was like skiing in mash potatoes - lumpy, thick mash potatoes.

However, it was totally ungroomed . . . despite what the Gatineau Park XC Ski Conditions page says.

Only a few of the aprox. 200 km of xc ski trails in Gatineau Park.

*Supposedly* Demsis (who I like to call Demise - as in failure) had groomed before 8 am. Bullpucky.

These eyes . . . . these cynical eyes.

I've bought a season pass for the past two years after Demsis took over from Lafleur and it's been two years of sub par grooming. Phooey. Shame really, in my faulted opinion, things have really gone down hill in the grooming department. But what can you expect from a company who can't even get a web page up and running or be accurate with what they've groomed and haven't?!

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