Monday, January 18, 2010

Sumo weekend update

Sumo weekend update.

Saturday - Powertapping
Was going to go skiing, but I figured that the snow sucked. And I was too lazy.
Apparently the snow was quite good. So was being lazy.

One hour workout. First 15 or so warming up. Every 5 minutes thereafter - 1 minute of tempo, followed by 30 seconds of Lactate Threshold, then back into Endurance zone work until the next five minute mark.

More numbers for Peter (he likes numbers and graphs and power twitting or tweeting).
Power to the people. My power to the people?
Will leave them weak and slow.
Go find your own power . . . . people.

Still more.
Notice I wasn't about to do one second (okay, I actually did one second more than an hour) more than an hour. I've been building up my saddle time. Goodie for me you say. Goodie for me I say.
However good for me, I am still way behind where I've been in fitness terms from previous years. Way behind. That's why my bee-hind is so big.

Two hour skate ski with the Vegan Vagabond (see below).

My second skate ski this season.
Starting from P10 meant climbing . . . and climbing . . . and climbing.

All that climbing also meant stopping.
I stop whenever I see a stop sign. Arret! Arret!
Okay sign, you're the boss.
Stop I will.


Sandro said...

Wow you are already in shape... 20 average HR. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you are alive! so am I!

did I pass you on the Parkway last weekend?

hope all is well.

all the best.