Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trans-Sylvannia thinking

Don't know if you noticed or not or even care for that matter, but I cleared away a lot of crap from my side bar (I actually did it awhile ago - thanks for noticing you sorry bunch of sods). Past races and results. Who wants to read about the races I did and did not do and the sub-par-middle-of-the-pack-hack placings? Time to update it.

The past year has been nutty. For most of the last quarter of the year I didn't know if I was coming or going and couldn't plan for anything. Unfortunately, riding had to take a back seat. Things are starting to level off and I'm beginning to find a routine in the chaos of changing careers, being a good husband and father and finding some time to ride. Which leads me to scheduling my ride season, more specifically what events I will be attending. And since my blogging of late has been equal to my past race performances I will be stringing out my proposed race schedule over the next wee bit (like anyone cares) - just to keep you coming back for more.

Ever since returning home from the BC Bike Race in '08 I've been salivating to do another stage race. Due to work and $$ restraints, BC is kind of out of the equation (for this year anyway . . . . but perhaps next year?). However, about this time last year if I recall correctly, rumors and grumblings began about an epic seven day stage race closer to home.

Trans-Sylvania? WTF? That's not closer to home.
Read the fine print dummy.

A trans Atlantic flight to eastern-Europe?

. . . castles and Vampires?

More like Amish, farm country, the Penguins and Steelers.

Pennsylvania is waaaaaay closer to home, which means less costly traveling expenses (no flight, no shipping bike box, miscellaneous travelling expenses, etc.) - I can drive to Penn. in about 8-9 hrs. The registration, accommodation and food costs are much less than BC too - making if even more enticing to go. Apparently there will an abundance of fine Pennsylvanian dairy products every day to bung riders up. Not to mention some wicked riding to be had, which I experienced a taste of at the Wilderness 101 this past August. So, how can I not go?
Clicky clicky for registration info.

Rumors that the Empire will be also be in attendance.

Gwad I hope that I can go . . . I'm dying to see a vampire.

Right now I'm 95.7684% sure that I am going. What stands in the way is funds.
If I can sell this:

Contact me for more details. E-mail linky under my profile ---------->

. . . then I might stand a chance of being able to afford to go while still staying in 'the wife's' good books and not having to stand on the corner selling my body for sex or medical experiments (more likely the latter of the two).


Big Bikes said...

The only thing holding me back from doing it is funds as well. I'm working on a race budget right now and I have feeling that the only races I'll be able to afford this season are the ones I host in my backyard.

Kark said...

wow, Peters looking really slim.
sexy even. well, at least from the neck down, (but thats why couches have corners). I may even have a bit of a broner goin on over here.
..or maybe someone sneezed in the next office. that'd about do it these days.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

personally I think Peter's outfit is a little too high cut. makes him look "hippy".