Thursday, February 4, 2010

If it weren't for acid junkies I'd be a nobody

I was over on Stat Counter the other day, you know, checking my stats . . . seeing how many people love me.

They should really call it something else. Something more related to a tracking mechanism that provides a sense of worth to low self-esteem ridden individuals, like me. Really, why would I need to keep track of how many people come to my site? So that I can adjust my marketing team to better represent Dearborn, Michigan residents in my sales ads in order to increase revenue? The only reason anyone with a blog has a stat counter-type-dealie is to check on how many people visit their site so that they can feel good about themselves and decide whether or not it's worth getting out of bed in the morning to sit in front of the computer to hammer out some sort of drivel that might keep lesser educated minds entertained for a fraction of a minute with the daily ongoings of their mundane life.

Some pathetic lonesome souls who don't have stat counter/tracker things use Crackbook and Titter accounts. It's all the same.

Someone had to say it.

But it's true. It's true for me at least.

clicky clicky for just how awesome I am

So what I've discovered that most of my hits that I get to my blog are from first time viewers, specifically searching out one image that I happen to put up about two years ago. Let's do a little experiment. In your search engine, type "LSD". After getting your responses, click on images.
Here, I'll do it for you you lazy sods. Clicky clicky (read the fine print url address under the first image).

That's right. The first image you get in the list of LSD photos is directly linked back to me. How? Why? Probably has to do with me stealing that same image from somewhere else a long time ago and used it as a half assed humorous attempt at being funny to describe a "long, slow, distance" ride.

Depressing really . . . that the reason my stats are so high is because dope heads, tweeters, users, stoners, crack heads, burnouts and druggies world wide are looking for images of acid (LSD for you unedumicated) to try lick off their computer monitors. I don't dare take it off of my blog because it'd most likely cause me to take a nose dive off a high building.


Montana said...

I get a ton of hits from people image searching "komodo dragon" because I used a picture of one eating a goat a year ago

It is quite pathetic, but I'll take all the hits I can get

Karlos said...

i get a ton of hits from people looking for Porn, they want to see NAKED INDIAN GIRLS OR BOYS< LMAO

the original big ring said...

Montana - Komodo tire?

Karlos - you mean you're not naked?