Monday, March 1, 2010

First 'Loogie' Ride of the Year

The stomach flue ran rampant through our household over the past couple of days. Somehow I missed getting it . . . . would have been an opportunity for some quality weight loss though . . . thank gwad I'm not into that anymore.
My Saturday was taken up with taking care of the Peanut while mommy knelt before the porcelain alter praying to be better. Needless to say I never got on the bike. Yesterday turned out to be better and I was able to get out for my first outdoor ride of the year with Matt, Pascal, Jamie, Martin and Brad. Can't beat a February 28th and +3 degrees.

Proof that you don't have to be smart in order to wear Smart Wool socks.

Mine weren't as stylish as Pascal's socks though.
*this is the only shot I took of my riding partners as I spent most of my free time and hand wiping snot away from my face

I turned back about 35-40'ish kms into the ride (similar to Matt's ride a week or so ago). Burning lungs, telephone booth sized loogies, coughing fits and a constantly running nose was proof that I'm still not over being sick from the wicked head and chest cold I had all last week.

No exercise for the past week left the legs feeling sluggish and lacking energy. Made the right decision to pull the plug and turn back home so that I can maybe get out for a ride later in the week (weather is looking good - no rain or snow).

As the day went on, the snow melted and the roads became increasingly wetter and wetter.

Fenders on the cross bike kept me warm and dry - no rooster tale skid marks up my back or on my arse.

bath time . . . steamy (lucky you)

Despite being pretty tuckered after the ride, it was so nice to get out on the road and out of the basement and off the trainer. Normally I do most of my spring rides on the Ontario side of the river, which is nice and flat and good for base miles. Today's three hours of ride time in hilly La Belle province left me feeling like my limits we pushed a bit.


cornfed said...

You'd think such a trend setting, ahead of the curvin', Misfit TwoNinin ridin' mofo unlike yourself would be hep to the Swiftwick by now. For shame backwards livin' Canardian.

the original big ring said...

they said my feet were too fat