Tuesday, March 2, 2010


If I was Donald Trump I would buy all the bikes at the Handmade Bike Show. All of them.
And if I was Donald I'd never work again and I'd ride a different bike every day. I'd have a huge house where I'd keep most of my bikes, some I might hang on the wall just to look at because they're way too nice to ride. Sick as that may seem, leaving a bike to be unridden, it's true. Works of art.

Did you check any of this out?
What was your favourite bike or exhibitor?


dicky said...

Hands down, Black Cat.

and then everything else.

cornfed said...

I only saw a few from a select builder in person, but I still fancy the Moots PsycloX RSL.

CB2 said...

You can always aspire to have Trump's hair.

the original big ring said...

dicky, yeah, ding dang dong the black cat stuff is purdy purdy purdy . . . agreed, those dropouts are freakin' amazing

mars, moots . . . ti sponsored . . . what's not to love. I'd love something mootish

charlie,freakishly wonderbar hair

i still dig my boy, desalvo