Monday, March 29, 2010

Inadequate Saturday Ride

Hooked up with Disco Stu Saturday for a Wakefield-Cantley loop. It was wicked cold out (-8 degrees), but once we got moving it wasn't bad. My engine was running hot just trying to hang on Stu's wheel. I tried to take a few turns pulling, but seemed like I was only slowing him down. I was happy enough to sit in his 160 lb skinny ass draft (why is it that I only ride with skinny riders?!?!) trying to hold on. Again, I felt like I was slowing someone down and was "that" guy.

Covered bridge in Wakefield

Stu climbing the 18% grade hill leading away from mt. Cascade. A beeatch of a climb.
If you're going to ride hills with me, better bring a picnic basket along so that you have something to do at the top while you wait.

We cut back through the Park to have a look how things were shaping up on the parkway. Above is at the base of Pink. The usual spots had ice and snow, but considering we're still in March we are well ahead of past Spring conditions.

Riding out of the Park we met up with Marc who was also checking things out. Notice his kit and bar tape? White. Marc is one fast mo'fo. He's proof that I am smart to switch the bike over and no doubt it won't be long before I am putting him into the hurt locker. Pffftttt . . . . I'm going to need a whole lot more of whatever to make me fast enough to even beat a senior on a touring recumbent bicycle.

All said and done, just a wee bit over 100 km for me. Finished the ride feeling inadequate, slow and without power with no signs of improving. I've got twice as many outdoor rides so far this year, compared to last but feel further behind in my ability level. I don't want to stop riding with faster guys, cause I won't get faster on my own. But there you are stuck in a pickle, slowing others down. Blah. Meh. Pfft.
It's only March, it's only March, it's only March.

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