Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview Worthy

Apparently I am interview worthy.

Kind of a joke really, seems that everyone and their dog are being asked for an interview with universal type interview questions. If you note the url address on my interview, it falLinkls under the "food" category. Don't know how that happened, but I guess individuals seeking information on food (maybe how to eat mass quantities of it) might be attracted to it. Perhaps people involved in Overeaters Anonymous?

Speaking of interviews, a long, long time ago I did one with Thom P and mentioned that I'd like to do more in the future. I need to find an interview worthy soul and some good interview worthy questions.


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Big Bikes said...

I actually did an interview for that site as well, but I haven't linked to it or responded to any of that guys' emails about getting rich via referring people to his site yet.

I'm still trying to figure out if it's some sort of scam. I think it is, based on that lame graphic of the cash and the microphone alone.

Thanks for the Lumberjack hook up dude,
sorry you can't make it.