Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poo in my pocket

My new career has it's benefits. One being shift work. Some might not see that as such a great thing, but I do. Monday afternoon, no traffic on the roads cause everyone is at work, sunny day and I get to go ride. Put in a nice 70km loop yesterday afternoon out past Aylmer, road some great gravelly roads, up and into the Park and then back home. Laa-dee-daa.

Riding along a long road in farm country I spotted this big heaping smelly pile of dirty horse crap . . . and immediately I thought of Peter. Not for the obvious reasons: like he stinks . . . or he's full of shit . . . but for the reason of sending him something. You probably don't read his blog, and I can't really blame you (there's nothing to really read anymore other than the odd post about a t-shirt he bought or lengthy multiple posts about Florida), but if you did, you may remember him moaning and groaning about people not sending him stuff in a while. So, I thought, "What a perfect gift for Peter, " and picked it up, stuck it in a bag, lugged it home and will be sending it to him shortly.

Traveling over the Kingsmere overpass, which 'overpasses' the Gatineau Parkway, you can still see lots of snow on the road and where people have still been skiing. If you ain't from Ottawa, the Gatineau Park/Parkway is closed to vehicle traffic over the winter and the roads/trails are groomed for skate and xc skiing.

The gate to the entrance of trail # at Kingsmere on the 15th of March.

One week later and taa daa.

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