Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday Gravel

Gravelly roads on the Quebec side that are new to me. Can't beat exploring on the bike.

Another day on the bike. That makes it three out of the past four days. Stellar start to March. Just saying that brings certainty of a big dump of snow before the end of the month.

Hooked up with Rodd to ride some Quebecois gravel. Flat farm country with beauty views. A cross bike with big fat tires roles nicely on the less traveled countryside.

Heading towards the park.


check out Rodd's mudflap

He took some nice shots (all of me . . . what can I say?!) and a short video here

We rode just a wee bit over two hours or so and covered about 60kms. Enough reason for a nutritious post ride meal, wouldn't you agree?

Rodd's regular post ride meal stop - Glen's Chip Truck. Just part of his "Three P's" nutritional training program.

It might look like he bought enough food for the two of us, but I assure you he ate it all himself. Cheeseburger, pogo, fries and a pop. Fuggggg me. He's a skinny man living in a fat man's body. Some of us were born with good metabolism, the rest of us weren't. I think I gained a pound just standing around watching him eat. Mmmmmm, deep fried goodness.
The guy is a fugging pig. Don't get me wrong, I don't say that as an insult. I revere him. I WISH that I could eat like that . . . I'd give my left nut to be able to eat whatever I want and not gain a single pound.


Big Bikes said...

We should organize a stage race where chip trucks are the follow cars. Maybe call it "Le Tour De Fat."

CB2 said...

That mud flap shows Rodd is considerate of his partner. I bet he wears ribbed condoms too, because he cares about his partner's pleasure.

Kark said...

Nice ride. Mega envious over here stuck driving my cad-box day and night these days..

Maybe Rodd will partner up with me to hunt down the unicorn of post ride pig-out meals. Thats right. The "poutine calzone" that I've been dreaming of since running out of calories on Saturdays ride. ..shit, with chow-down chops like he's showing, maybe he already has a bead on it.

Golonghardman said...

Yeah!! Ribbed Condoms and Unicorns! Thats the shit! I have never had a poutine and I weigh more that you Craig, what the fugg is right..

Matt Surch said...

There is an Italian restaurant somewhere between Albion Hills and Ottawa I've stopped at a couple times with Rodd, among others, The serve the biggest calzones I've ever seen or heard of. Like a large pizza folded over. Rodd took it down with relative ease. He is a phenom.

the original big ring said...

you've never had a poutine . . . wtf is wrong with you!?!?!?!

Tour de Fat indeed - everyday is a tour de fat for me, I call it a lifestyle

unicorn of food - here's to trying to find the end of the rainbow . . . and bacon, pork chops, and ham all come from the same animal, pfffftt