Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You have to turn around sometime

Long straight stretches of road heading south of Ottawa into open farm country.

Nice tail wind from the northwest yesterday, but you can only go southeast for so long before you have to turn around. Heading south I was averaging 35km/Hr (staying inside my endurance pace zone), on my return trip I was averaging 24-26km/Hr. I'm not complaining, two days of riding out-of-doors in three days ain't bad for the beginning of March.

Hey good looking.
Even my shadow looks fat.

Eight degrees, middle of the day on a Monday, sun shinning, beginning of March, 70+ kms in.

Still snow on the farmer's fields despite all the warm temperatures. Regardless, it's melting. Off yesterday, Tuesday (am riding today too! Whoot!), work Wednesday and Thursday and off the entire weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weather is not looking up for the weekend, but fingers crossed for it to turn around so that I can get some long miles in.

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