Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Highs & Lows

This past week or so I've had some highs and lows . . . mostly all related to the health issues that I'm struggling through. Trying to remain positive has been difficult as every ride I attempt leaves me feeling disappointed and frustrated . . . and of course, more and more tired. Meh.

* Finally got out to Kanata Lakes for my first ride there this season. Was very nice to be back out in my old stomping grounds. The trails out there every year seem to get more and more choppy - the growing popularity of the trails and lack of single track in the Ottawa are draws large numbers of riders, hence some trail erosion and wear and tear - all apart of the process.
I did try out a new front tire that my good friend Fritz loaned me (thanks Fritz!) - which rode awesomely amazing - report to follow soon.

* Have been getting The Peanut out for rides in her chariot - which she is loving.

* Coming back from an 'attempted' road ride on Monday afternoon I spot this dude near the Ottawa River walking his two miniature Doberman pincher's. WTF is up with the speedo? Is he Quebecois? A little disturbing that this is in my 'highs' list? Made me laugh, something I've been having a hard time doing lately.

* Been catching up on the Giro since my riding has been fading off. Really enjoyed the dirt sections of the Giro this year. Personally, I'd rather watch this race than The Tour - harder stages, prettier scenery, a more exciting race. Aussies showing their stuff, terrible weather conditions and Canadian - Michael Barry showing his legs in Monday's stage have been highlights. Evans is making Vino work for the win. Though I find Evans a bit of a whiner and I'm not a follower, I'd rather see him take the Giro (watch it here) over the doper who's got no class.

* Finally discovered what others have been talking about out in KL - loss of land to construction and urban sprawl. A new road going in right beside what used to be wilderness. Fugg me.

* In two attempted road loops of the park I failed miserably both times. Just Monday I had to stop and get off the bike and lay down in the grass for 5-10 minutes. No energy, headspins and my lungs were on fire . . . worst part about it, I was on a gentle climb. My other attempt had me turn around after 15 km and pedal slowly home. Fugg.

* At my doctor's appointment last week she thought that I may have a case of mononucleosis - which would explain the loss of energy and some of my symptoms. More blood work this week to confirm. Also being sent to an environmental allergist to be tested for allergies. Lung x-rays to follow next week. No answers are making it difficult to see an end or solution to what's going on with my body. It sucks ass knowing that there is definitely something wrong. Fugg.

* I posted last week about getting out to volunteer at The Ride of the Damned, however over-nights shift and an unexpected 'over time' occurrence had me going to bed at 10:30 am after putting in 13.5 hrs of work. Just couldn't haul myself out of bed to go bbq hotdogs for a bunch of hungry riders. I felt pretty guilty for not showing up, but with my body trying to recover with whatever is going on . . . well, the sleep was much needed. Looks like I missed a hell of a ride - check it out here.

* And, speaking of sleep . . . . rather lack thereof . . . in 48 hrs I had a grand total of 7.5 hrs of sawing Zzzzz's. Fugg.

P.s. found this out in KL the other day - looks to be an adjustment knob from a fork. If you think it's your's give me a shout.


Big Bikes said...

The Speedo is a universal weirdo thing. There was a wicked ripped, tatted up dude at The DH40 last year who used the bike wash to shower after the race...while wearing nothing but a red Speedo.

I don't if I was more disturbed by that or the fact that he also had a Girlfriend/Daughter with him, I could not tell which.

Feel better!

rick is! said...

hang in there bro. things will turn around.

Mark said...

I like that ...is he Quebecquois ... so true. Headed up that way this summer for fishing.