Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slow as a Turtle

Heads up on the Gatineau Parkways - the turtles are looking to get their Spring funk on and are crossing roads to find some action. Be kind - if you see one on the road hang around long enough to encourage our reptile friends across the road to avoid getting schmucked by vehicular traffic.

I had no business being on a bike today. No strength, no energy, no nuth'in. Figuring I started taking antibiotics on Sunday I reckoned that I should be cured by today . . . failure. Got just a wee ways into the park and turned around to limp home and go to bed. Fight another day.
Getting a bit anxious about the Mohican 100 coming up and not enough miles in the legs. Five weeks or so and only two of those weekends I am not working. Two weekends of some big miles, and the rest will have to come on my days off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

take note - the turtles are out about a month early!!!
Typical f-k time is around June 12th or so.

Tell me global warming isn't real!

deniers lay thy head down and suck some big wieners...

saw about 3 big turtles this week wanting to get it on...
as long as its not my leg.