Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fatty McFat

The Ayatollah of Rok'n'Rolla is fat. Yes, those are indeed man-boobs. Yes, that also is a spare-tire strapped around my waist.
Fugg Curvy Butt's camera takes a lousy picture.

A few months ago I threw in the proverbial grease covered dieting towel and gave up on trying to lose weight and laugh in the blogging faces of suckas. At that point in time I was content to let things slide and go head first into a quickly approaching cycling season completely unprepared from a weight perspective. The Clydesdale category was looking pretty good. In the back of my mind I had 'figured' that the weight would quickly drop off as riding picked up. My first outside ride was Febuary 28th, so again, I 'figured' that I had ample time to drop to an acceptable riding weight.

Here we are, it's the very end of April, the season is in full swing, I have my first big race in a month and I am still hovering at the 200lb mark (14lbs fatter than back in 2008 ready to roll for the BC Bike Race). Fugg.

So, why am I talking about this now? A couple things have changed. First, since my recent trip down south, I've become starkly aware of how unattractive I've become. Curvy Butt sent along some photos of our recent trip down to NC and it struck me how hideously fat I've become. Manboobs. Sparetire. Double chin. Lovely.

Second, I've really noticed a lack of climbing ability and power output - I really feel much slower this year. A little bit of extra weight can make a big difference. Try losing five pounds off your bike and go climb a hill . . . tell me you don't notice a difference. I could definitely spare to lose a few more than just five pounds.

I am in fact pushing my stomach out . . . er, honest.

Yes, I can hear cycling & fitness geeks everywhere saying that you're not supposed to lose weight during the riding/racing season. Sucks to you I say. It's either come off now or you'll have to listen to me bitch, bitch, bitch for the remainder of the season. Ahhhh, that shut you up didn't it!?!


Golonghardman said...

Hey Fatty, I'm in the same boat entirely, you must be rowing though, cause I've got several pounds on you, I do however carry it better...

rick is! said...

no worries. I think you're dead sexy.