Monday, May 3, 2010

Snappy legs and nose nuggets

According to my doctor I have a respiratory infection. And apparently I've had it since February. Might explain why I've felt like crap on the bike so far this season - at least that's the excuse I'll be using until a better one comes along.

I got sick back in February with what I thought was just a common cold. I got over it pretty quickly, however nose gobblins have been leaving me reminders of it ever since - nasty hard mucus nuggets seemingly on a constant basis in my nose. I could have shot someone's eye out while doing a snot rocket if I wasn't careful. Lethal, deadly, hard as rock snots that blocked my breathing. Doc' figures it was a minor infection that I just couldn't shake and when I got ill with this bug the whole mess exploded over the past week, the latter being the worse. Started antibiotics the other day and just waiting to feel them kick in . . . no luck yet.

Despite feeling pretty miserable, I did get out road riding with Curvy Butt on Friday and Saturday. Though I couldn't breath my legs felt pretty snappy and wanted to move. The fuel to drive them wasn't there. Getting up out of the saddle on a climb was like doing squats while holding your breath - sooner or later things aren't going to work. I was able to clear a bunch of crap that was in my lungs - green and white infection goodness.

Mucus puke'us wasn't the only thing green and white - the trilliums are in full bloom in the park.

Managed to get to Champlain Look-off (barely) on both days.

I was anticipating a shift change at work for Sunday which would of caused me to miss the Mufferaw Joe event, however I ended up calling in sick and staying in bed all day. May 3rd and I am one month out from the Mohican 100 . . . . shudder.


The Evil MGE! said...

I too am a sufferer of constant mucus. I used to get Bronchitis at least once a year and always suffered with the slippery nose.
Doesn't help that I was a smoker from 12-13 years old till I was 21 and most of that was Camel Non filters.
Anywhoo, I use a version of the Neti Pot to help alleviate the congestion issues. Does wonders and I've resorted to using it regularly every morning when I get up.
Another tip is to peroxide your ears once a month or any time you feel sickness coming on. Both the Neti Pot and the ear thing are Ayurvedic practices and if you remember anything about my wife at all, she loves her Eastern Medicine. I'm the skeptic but when something works I stick with it.

CB2 said...

She stuck her finger in your butt to find an infection in your nose?

Golonghardman said...

Note to self: Don't read OBR blog while having supper, tonight includes asparagus, got up to Champlain myself sunday, nice long ride from Rockland

the original big ring said...

goat - i've been contemplating on getting a netti pot for some time - might have to bite the bullet

charles - funny, finding problems with one end leads to solution with the other

richard - i coughed up something resembling asparagus this morning
(i'm actually surprised that you could spell asparagus!)


Golonghardman said...

Whats next "Tapioca"?