Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hill Climb Report

Despite being unable (mentally and physically) to push myself up the Fortune climb to the Champlain Look-off in the Martin's Hill Climb For Cancer, I wanted to be a part of the event. So instead of hurling rotten tomatoes and insults at the climbing cyclists as they expanded their lungs, blew up their legs and got off their wallets to raise funds for cancer research, I volunteered some time to help out. *Though hurling rotten tomatoes would have been fun too, but maybe not so sporting.

Brad's enormous load to haul up the Fortune climb. A whack of families and kids out - very cool to see.

Anthony had a load too, as did his wife Claudia hauling the chariot. Olie sporting the Big Ring Racing jersey. That's Erica in the green Tall Tree Cycles jersey - it was her first cycling/race event and she did it on a fixie! Whoot! Way to go Erica!

The crowd gathered just as the rain started to get a little heavy. You can see Peter to the left with Fin in his chariot.

I had the duty (not dooty) of waiting at the top for the riders and handing out finishing times - which I totally m'uffed up a couple as multiple riders were coming through at the same time.

On the way home I felt a bit envious for not riding the event - not so much to see how fast (or rather how slow) I could have gone up, but more to be apart of and share the riding experience with all these fine folk who turned out. Riding, when I've been able to ride, lately has been lonely - injury and illness has kept me away from riding in groups as I would be too much of an anchor. So, despite not riding, it was very nice to get out and around folks on bikes.

Fixies, commuters, utes, trailers, family wagons, single speeds, steel do-it-alls, carbon thoroughbreds . . . you name it - they were all ridden to the top in the name of a fun, a little competition and a good cause. Thanks Martin for putting this on!

Clicky clicky for the results.

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