Monday, June 7, 2010

Caterpillars, Turtles and Me

No rainbow. No legs. No lungs. No motivation found.
I did get rained on the first twenty minutes or so of the ride.

Over cast and grey skies . . . meh. I needed to get on the bike today . . . I needed to get on the bike. Like searching for the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold that's supposedly there . . . my pot of gold: legs, lungs and motivation. I should have been riding here yesterday, but looks like I dodged a muddy, wet bullet.

Caterpillar - lots in common with him - eat my body weight in food daily.

Trails were pretty lonely. Cooler temps, rainy day, and Rideau Lakes Tour might have kept some people away. Plenty of caterpillars to keep me company. These guys are making a mess of the park - trees are almost barren.

Meech lake at the end of the 40 - what goes down, must go up.

I rode pretty much less than half of this ride that I did about the same time last year as preparation for the Wilderness 101. Pretty much less than half left me pooped.

Damn it.

Turtle - lots in common with him . . . slow poke.

Spot the turtle and win a prize.


rick is! said...

but you've got racin ralph's on. you must be fast!??

the original big ring said...

pffft . . . if I can't be fast, I may as well look fast - or at least the bike

cause it's awfully hard to dressup a fat guy to look fast