Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mt St Marie - Part II

clicky clicky to go to an interactive map of what's been cut up at Mt St Marie

Ted and Fritz climbing up Radar Rd. 4 km climb up a ski access road.

a couple loose, rocky sections on a pitch sucked the life out of my legs - part of single speeding is knowing when to pick your battles (it's steeper than it looks).

anyone who knows Fritz knows he's follically challenged, so what's up with the hairnet?
- keeps the deer flies out

Fritz shot this a little while back, the trail now looks better and rides faster


Mario, Fritz, Derek and Ted - guys who on Fritz's lead have found some serious enthusiasm for building trails and riding bikes.

After our morning loop we rode directly to the beach and dove in. 11 am in the morning and it was already + 33 degrees

on my way back to Ottawa I stopped at a little French take-out joint and ordered me up some poutine . . . .mmmmm, poutine.

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Disco Stu said...

Looks like some of those trails have some serious climbing...and descending, too!