Thursday, July 8, 2010

So hot you could cook an egg on the pavement

It was 46 degrees today with the humidex. 46 frick'n degrees (that's 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit for all you Yanks still not living with the metric system along with the rest of the free world . . . and some communist countries). I don't remember the last time I rode in that kind of heat. My legs, energy and enthusiasm melt like butter in hot conditions.

Watch out of those cracks in the pavement. Don't let the black-filler-gunk fool you thinking you can ride into/on them. Get a wheel caught in one of them canyon like cracks in the road and you're done for. May as well be cookie dough filling the cracks . . . . mmmmm, cookie dough.

In the ten km's from my house to the start of a Gat loop I drank one full bottle in about 21 minutes.

By the time I got to the top of Pink (another 6-7 km further up the road) my bottle was empty again. With only one bottle left for another 30-35 kms I made the decision to pull the plug and head for home. Getting heat stroke or heat exhaustion is totally not worth a loop of the park.

Stopped in the shade and snacked on a few wild raspberries on the way home.
Heat wave still in affect and no signs of letting up. Hopefully the Thursday night ride will be cooler.


Kark said...

The evening was nice too! bit warmish but nice.
..curiously, traffic in the park seemed a bit light for a Wednesday.

the original big ring said...

"a bit warmish" . . . you're a freak

Anonymous said...

I've been riding in this heat without water... beer!
I have a beer fridge in the gatineaus that keeps it perfectly cool.