Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sexy Italian

"I'll be bringing something sexy and Italian on the ride tonight."

"Okay, whatever. Just meet me at Gameline and be on-time." Pffft, stupid Curvy Butt . . . never on time.

Sexy Italian? What's he bringing? I couldn't help to wonder. . .
If I had said that it probably would have meant I had remnants of a meatball sub left on my shirt.

As I rode from my house to Gameline I had images of Curvy Butt wearing sexy Italian underwear for some reason.

Vaaa Vaaa Vaaa Voooom! Even these black I-talian bloomers couldn't hide Curvy Butt's bodacious taataa.

To my dismay and disappointment he didn't show up wearing sexy I-talian under wear. Instead, he rode up on this sexy machine. Light headed and lacking oxygen while riding for ten days in the Italian and Swiss Alps a few weeks ago seems that he made an impulse purchase.

Personally, I would have stuck to the pizza, espressos and gelatos . . . however, after his Casati factory tour he threw down some bones for a new ride and I can't blame him one bit.
It's dead sexy.

Glad to have seen Curvy Butt leave me behind as he climbs away from me on his new Casati.

And it can move. I don't care who you are, you are probably never going to ride faster than the first ride on your new machine. The excitement and joy and beauty of a new ride under you seems to totally block out any pain and suffering that you may be feeling.

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Philly Phoodie said...

Damn that Casati is a fine piece of bike.