Monday, July 26, 2010

Toilet Paper On The Road

I got out for a couple loops of the park last week. Nice to be on the road bike (any bike for that matter with my gimpy ankle being so gimpy and all) in weather that's not sweltering hot.

I remember seeing, not sure if it was last year or the year before, what looked like to be toilet paper all over the road in the park. Well, it's there again. I met a road crew out digging up old cracks and refilling them with their sticky tar like epoxy filler. And, yes, it was toilet paper they were layering over top the freshly sealed cracks. I stopped and asked one of the workers what it was for to which he replied, it's to prevent the black sealer from sticking to tires until it has a chance to set and dry. The toilet paper eventually peels away and gets blown off.
I recall it being strewn all over the place. I know it's only toilet paper and will eventually break down, but what a mess it makes. AND, despite the toilet paper on the cracks, I still managed to get my tires all gummed up. Meh, at least no toilet paper stuck to the bike.

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rick is! said...

that t.p. would have been a savior if you were having a shitty ride...

I kill me.