Friday, August 27, 2010

Bobcaygeon-Haliburton-Tory Hill

Rode from Bobcaygeon up into the Haliburton Highlands Tuesday afternoon. Traffic on the country roads was very light - made for a beauty day to ride. My first two hours or so I was averaging a nice pace of about 28.5 kms/hr. Once in the Highlands it dropped a bit with the increasing rolling hills. All said and done I put in 115 kms and felt good throughout the entire ride, even turning into a slight headwind the last 30 or so km. Wifey & The Peanut picked me up in Tory Hill and we made our way back to Ottawa and was treated to a big chicken Shawarma platter for dinner to replace the fuel I burned on my ride.

Was pleasantly surprised how many "Share The Road" signs there were out in the country. Drivers, for the most part, heeded the road side labels and gave plenty of room to pass.

You know that you're in cottage country when you see a float plane on almost every lake you pass. This one was on lake just in and around the village of Haliburton.

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