Monday, August 30, 2010

A weekend of riding

Saturday Fritz stuck it to me on the climbs in the park. I had a good paced long ride on Tuesday, must not have recovered as well as I thought cause I suffered like a dog trying to keep up to him. About a week and a half ago Curvy Butt and I did a short ride into the park and I was able to hold onto his wheel 3/4 of the way up Pink's holding 22km/hr....then he kicked it up to 24km/hr and I was launched off his backside like a pair of pretty pink panties on prom night (yes, Curvy Butt wore pretty pink panties to his prom).

So, I can go faster than I had rode on Sautrday, but you wouldn't know it. Averaging 11-12 km/hr up most of the bigger hills was kind of pathetic. Meh. It was still a good ride and fun to get out with Fritz who was super laid back about hauling my fat arse around the park.

Sunday morning was all about family time. Ms. Original Big Ring, The Peanut and myself hit the Ottawa River Parkway to take advantage of Alcatel Sunday Bikedays (every Sunday, from May 23rd to Sept. 5th one direction of the parkways are closed down to motor vehicle traffic and opened up to cyclist and roller bladers).
Balanced rock sculptures along the river.

Rode on down to the Canadian War Museum, back along the river, up through some quiet neighborhoods, back to the river, to Westboro beach, to the coffee shop for a snack and some java, then home.

Then early in the afternoon I hooked up with Lenny and the Vegan Vagabond for a ride in the South March Highlands (they really aren't high though).

Leonard - all smiles.

Haven't seen or ridden with these guys in a long time. Funny how this weekend I didn't ride alone not once. The majority of my season has been spent pedaling alone for the most part - either nobody is around to ride or I feel too guilty joining a ride cause I know I'll slow everyone down. The phone doesn't ring, nor do the e-mails fill my inbox for invites to ride like they once use to.

It was great to ride with a couple of people. Super casual, laid back pace with lots of stops to chat and catch up. I think we rode so slow and stopped so much that it took us over an hour to get through Outback.

VV - riding a rigid diSSent single speed in the SMH, just like me, but mine is pinker.

Who said you needed a full suspension geared bike to ride technical trails? What's Lenny's excuse you ask? He's just old.

Notice how the trail ends. It once continued to flow, now taken over by road construction meant to meet the demand of urban sprawl.

Why can't people just live downtown so that we don't have to ruin the trails?! Stupid sprawling sub-urbanites.

Me fall down, go boom.

Half way through the ride Lenny asked if I had 'dabbed' at all. I hadn't. No sooner does he mention about dabbing and I begin to dab a few times. Not only did I dab once or twice, I went down hard on a rocky technical up. Ka-plooey.

T'was a fun weekend of fun riding. Some burning climbs to prep the legs and lungs, and some techy trails to prep the flow, coordination & balance for this next week.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Got my own label!

Excellent ride yesterday. Let's do it again soon.