Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tour De Goat

September 1st - 8th

My season thus far, as far as 'racing' or 'events' go, has been a real bust of Dolly Parton proportions. I'm surprised that you keep coming back to my dribble-like blog. Perhaps I can redeem myself with a week long epic adventure in Colorado. Perhaps?

I am less than one month out from my first trip to the high country, my first real adventure of the season. It's a stage 'event' of sorts. No race fees, no race promotions, no aid stations, no t-shirt or medal for completing it. Just riding for five days in the mountains, sleeping on a buddies couch, mooching off his kindness and hospitality.

This trip has developed over taunting, name calling and pink envy between me and the Goat that began way down south in North Carolina some three years ago. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on the way you look at it, I met a sadistic rider who loves to explore and suffer, enjoys making all around him suffer in the search of pushing the limits and taking in the trail and all it's glorious surroundings. He's also has terrible fashion sense.

Tentative Schedule which is subject to Goats sick and twisted sense of humour based on how much I will be suffering pushing my single speed up mountain passes all the while battling adapting to altitude:
  • Sept 2nd and ride Kenosha>Georgia>Jefferson Creek>Kenosha and drive into Salida
  • Sept 3rd Monarch Crest
  • Sept 4th-5th Crested Butte
  • Sept 6th Two Elks
More to follow over the next month or so leading up to my BIGGEST and BESTEST mountain bike trip of the year.


A. Webster said...

Hi Craig!
Glad you are back on the bike and feeling better finally. Sounds like you are going to have one heck of a trip coming up.
Take care!

the original big ring said...

Hey Angie,

thanks! Good to be getting on the bike more. Thought you were never going to have a blog of your own!?!? Looks good on you!


A. Webster said...

LOL. What can I say? I love embarassing myself.
Happy trails!