Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Without Wilderness but still in the wilderness of sorts, which I really mean the country

Friday was a travel day and yesterday a holiday - meh, no post.

This weekend I was suppose to race the Wilderness 101 and as you probably already have guessed it from my extra-ordinary title . . . I didn't. However, if you'd like to read about the 101 head on over to Big Bikes - he's got video - oooo, laa laa.
I did get out for a longish (considering my state of affairs this season, it was 'longish') ride Saturday while visiting with at Jeannie Beanie's place (my mother-in-law's). All said and done I got in just a tad over a metric century at an easy comfortable pace. If I lived in the states I might have done an Imperial Century . . . pffffft, I live in Canada so I am sticking to the metric system - it's easier.

Back road country dirt roads that I rode my bike that I ride on dirt roads.
Most of the dirt roads were in better shape than the country paved roads. Despite it being a holiday weekend I didn't get mowed over by any slackjaw yocals hauling seadoos or four wheelers.

Haunted houses.

Old lumber mills.

Rail trail.

The Peanut post ride with my wet salty stinky helmet. What can I say, "Father of the Year Award" moment.

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As Minhas Pedaladas said...

Hi Craig, your peanut is so big a beatifull!!!