Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oversized Tubing

Shortly after arriving home from Spank the Monkey I received an over-sized tube in the mail. Over-sized tubes in the mail are always fun to get cause you never know what over-sized tube-like thing you'll be getting. Over-sized goodies or small pink penis?

Contents: one "Meat Dicky Dillen" poster, one dee-cal and one sanitized cutlery packet with moist towelet.

Signed by "THEE" Richard Dillen. Apparently my girth impressed this wee little man.

Also signed by some other guy.

Would you like one of these dee-cals? If so, don't hesitate, call me at my personal number 416-779-3827 and repeat the phrase: "Air Supply rocks on 106.9 FM" and I'll send you a dee-cal for free. Seriously.

Yes, I put it on my workshop wall.
Buy yours today for only $22.40 (Cdn) - supplies limited.

* I used the sanitized cutlery pack, with moist towelet, to eat my lunch yesterday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where's the vibrator?

did you eat it?

Damn dicky, he never sends me a damn thing...

I feel dickless to say the least.

I hope you boyz/girlz made the man feel at home up here. He sacrificed Pishgah for the northern cold air. Oh how I would like to do Pishgah...

gives me wet bike tire dreams!

next year maybe.