Monday, October 4, 2010

October III

Fall single track day. I considered doing the Fall Frolic ride, but it was such a beauty day I couldn't pass up riding amongst the falling leaves in the forest instead. You might say that I passed up riding amongst Tall Trees to ride among tall trees.

Fuck a duck. Lenny broke a chainstay in the first half hour or so of the ride.

I missed "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day" on Saturday, . . . so we took one yesterday instead - I wonder if IMBA is going to tear up my membership? It's not the Riley's first time - he's a wicked little rider. He rides the technical shit in Kanata Lakes better than most adults who ride out there. It was a "first" of sorts for Riley - he got his very first ride in on his 'new to him' 26" wheeled bike. You wouldn't know by the way he rode today that he just came off 24" wheels.

Rick thought it would be good to show Riley how to take all the shit out of your hydra pack and spread it all over the place. Useful stuff, useful stuff indeed.

Father Fritz and son.
Riley's got a strange look on his face . . .

. . . maybe it's because he's looking at this camouflage, Buff wearing freak of nature.
I think Rick was high the entire ride.

Fritz on the rocks.

Even the big guy was ripping it up.

That camoflage wearing douche bag made me crash when he decided to stop at the top of a steep rock roll out and took the line away from me. Kaaaa-boom I go over the bars and onto my head. Cut my ear I did.


Big Bikes said...

Damn it's perty up there in the fall.

King said...


I have a bike you could borrow. No not your blue road bike, my old element.


Anonymous said...

"That camoflage wearing douche bag made me crashed"

-- that made me laugh...

haven't heard anyone called douche bag in a while! :)

yah guys must see it all in the cells though

Kark said...

Thats a shit deal about Lenny's bike. It's hard to tell in the photo but is that a 'Half-Holtrop' or the 'Full-Jimmer'?? (one or both chainstays)

Sorry to have missed the ride but I got the bairn up to Wakefield to look at the steam train so it's cool.