Sunday, October 31, 2010

Awesomely muddy

*Lack of riding, the beginning of night shift (and deficient brain cells because of lack of sleep) and a reveiw'ish last week of posts I thought another 'semi-review' would be some good blog fluff until I catch up on sleep and can produce some 'quality' posts.*

I used to ride with a hydration pack all the time. After getting into racing and ditching the pack for the shorter races I felt pretty free and lighter without it. Gradually, I was able to adapt to the longer races and found ways of carrying everything without the need for a pack. I hardly ever ride with one anymore. It has it's 'pros' and 'cons' of course.

  • don't have something heavy, bulky on your back
  • less weight
  • sweat wicks away better
  • more exposure of your jersey (especially important if you are a sponsored rider)
  • easy access to rear pockets on jersey
  • you don't have to stop and take off the pack to find items
  • can't carry as much water, tools, gear
  • your jersey can resemble sagging boobs - but on your back - saggy back boobs
  • any tools, tubes, air that's on your bike can get covered in mud & dirt, for example......
My Awesome Strap, tube, CO2 air cartridge and tire lever after a muddy Fall ride. Perhaps there is a solution?

There is . . . check it out. Would love to get my hands on one for those muddy rides, i.e. Crank The Shield (should be given out at the beginning of the race - might be a cool piece of schwag kit instead of this lame hat).


Anonymous said...

saggy boobies eh!

I like em!

there is no solution.

steal someone elses tube is the only solution.

bug everyone on the race course. That way, they have to stop. When they get you up and running again, take off. That way you don't loose your spot!

You must see all types out there in the grim. From the best of the best to the worst of the worst.
They all strategize a way to gain a foot hold upon others...

its a competitive world out there.
Make use of the air that comes out of thy rear!

Kark said...

woah, Mr Anonymous.
Underwear at K-mart?

rick is! said...

that's not so much a review as it is a not so subtle request for a free awesome strap.

the original big ring said...

was I that obvious?

rick is! said...

even more obvious than your growing waist (waste?) line...

Jason said...

I like the sag, it camouflages my love handles with tubes and stuff.

Anonymous said...

You had me at boobies..