Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Less Bike, More Hike

The title is deceiving . . . you might think that I'm riding lots. I'm not. Hardly at all. As of this week, I'm done for the season (barring unseasonably freak'ish warm weather).
"Pfffffft!" you say.
"Not much of a cyclist", you proclaim.
Bite me.
  • One, I need a break from it. Not that I was burnt out, just need some balance and want to do some other activities which I used to a lot. Like hiking.
  • Two, I've got another injury. Crickey! Yes, another one. Started back in the gym again last week, was working on the heavy bag and tweaked a muscle in my forearm and bicep. Nothing serious, just a little pull, but holding the bars only aggravates it.
  • Three, I'm prep'ing the body for ski season. 'Tis the season for cross training.
Despite not being on the bike and wanting to hike, I still kind of wished I was riding when I saw tracks and some flowy lines.

Leaves are nearly all off the trees and pretty soon the lakes and ponds will be frozen.

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