Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Trail Ride Photo Dump

Must be something in the water, I got out for a second ride this week. WTF!?! King'er and Curvy Butt and Kanata Lakes. Good times. Chilly, but good times.


Second attempt . . . SUCCESS!

Pee pee in the woods.

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.



The Evil MGE! said...

U should be entertaining your readers with views of Colorado and a story that I will not tell but to the closest of friends of your freakout while climbing a dirt road to the Dike trail. Who knew the Big Ring was scared of the dark and the unknown.

Kark said...

Jeremy.. Not fair.

You can't just hint at freakout story without dishin the goods.

the original big ring said...

Ohhhh . . . you mean when you snuggled up against me in the middle of the night, in that dark tent, and whispered something in my ear about Brokeback Mountain?????