Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three out of four

I got out for my third ride this week, third in four days of all things. I'm starting to resemble the cyclist I once was . . . at least in effort to get out and ride, but not in girth. Also my third ride out in KL. Been avoiding hitting the road or CX races as they would require more effort to do than I have in my reserves.

Curvy Butt and I rode some new buff, flowy trails which a trail gnome even raked. The trail gnome did a lovely job of using the lay of the land, with very little cutting, to create a very different feel for the South March Highlands. Kudos!

I always get asked, "How do you like the single speed out here? Hey, wait a minute . . . that's a rigid fork?!?" Yeah, I like it, I like it a lot. It's a definite challenge to ride the technical trails and your riding style changes, but it's a lot of fun. There's no guessing what your front or rear end is going to do - it is very predictable. Running tubeless helps with hooking up and giving a little cushy'ness to the ride. I was saying to Curvy Butt on the way home from the ride, that even if I had the money right now I don't think that there is another bike that I'd ride. Will be talking more about the diSSent tomorrow in my review.

Met up with Lenny and Tammy who were out having fun on the trails on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Can't ask for a better relationship I guess than being able to go riding with your significant other, fart openly in-front of each other (though I didn't hear Tammy fart) and laugh.

Must have been "Date Ride" Saturday . . . met up with Andrea & Andy on Outback who looked to be having a good time. Didn't hear (or smell) any farts from either of them. Andy was getting out for a ride to loosen the legs for the CX race in Perth on Sunday.

Curvy Butt sent me this photo he took of me (and photoshopped). By the look on my face I might have squeezed one off myself on this step up. And yes, of course I made it.

On our way out we ran into Cat & Mario, from OMBA, who had a group of about a dozen kids session'ing a technical double step up on Inner Thigh. Very cool to see so many enthusiastic kids out.

My packed up sinuses loosened up enough to allow me to practice perfecting my snot rockets.


Philly Phoodie said...

Perth cross race? Sounds fun. I really like that town.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I was in Kanata (all by myself!) that day and ran into Cat too. She said her teens asked if you were a pro because you had a pink bike.