Friday, October 15, 2010

No more

That's it. I'm done. My two year sentence to riding for Misfit Psycles is over. I am no longer officially sponsored by Misfit Psycles and am now a free agent. Spread the word. Lock up your bikes. Bicycle companies start your bidding.

Or I could jump on the full suspension bandwagon, being driven by former single speeders/hardtailers and get me a Santa Cruz Tallboy like Dicky and J5 Marsupial or even Goat who is now talking about going full suspension.


Maybe Santa Cruz is looking to replace Weir as their poster boy.

Alas, I don't have $5000 laying around to spend on a bike (again, bike companies - contact me!) . . . so, it looks like I'll be staying on my current bike until Peter prys it away from my dead cold thighs/crotch area (how's that for a mental image). And to be honest, that suits me just fine cause I love the diSSent. So much so I even did a review of it that I'll be posting up in the next wee bit.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to publicly say "Thank You" to Peter and Misfit Psycles for providing me with support the past two season. It has been greatly appreciated. I hope my representation of/for the company hasn't decreased revenue or interest too much.


Peter Keiller said...

a fucking post NOT center justified.

Rob Young said...

Dude, you should obviously get a fat bike, like a pugsley or something to that effect. :) You should get those tall tree guys to build you a custom soft tail fat bike.

the original big ring said...

Rob - good idea.
It's a testament to the diSSent that it didn't break due to stress under the weight of my manly girth.

Peter, you suck!

cornfed said...

psst... That wasn't my bike. Shhh... don't tell dicky.

I see a Mukluk in your future.

wv. nogehon - I'd recommend nogehon a Niner. Peter's fivehead vein would burst.

Anonymous said...

Why . . . . ?

Anonymous said...

I love the tallboy... when they come knock'n let me know so I can buy your cast offs . . . heeheehee. i'd even consider racing (or what i call racing) to get on one of those babies!


rick is! said...

I'm looking into a tallboy myself next year. a lot more homoerotic jokes to be made about riding a tallboy than selma.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Why did you fire Peter? Come on, give us the dirt.

wv: metro.
(as in pink bikes are so metro)