Thursday, October 14, 2010

A big fat plan

Gwad I am getting fat. Does that come as a surprise considering I've been on my bike four times since Spank the Monkey and eaten the weight of a circus dwarf in desserts and chips!?!

What's worse is my motivation to ride has been lacking. Between a cold and rainy September, getting sick not once, not twice but thrice (I'm in the throws of a wicked flu as I type) and lack of time . . . meh, riding has taken a back seat. There have been a few really nice Fall days, crisp and colourful that have been calling me and my bike to leaf covered single track, but I've been unable to answer that call.

However, I have a plan. A plan to put a stop to the weight gain MADNESS and get the heavy hands moving again. This time will be different.

Pfffffft. . . . . . . I hope.

I am not ready to reveal the plan as it is laying on the floor in pieces waiting to be put into place, but there is a plan.


rick is! said...


Anonymous said...

your getting sick cause you have a STD! Eat your honey!
(not that honey! Bee honey. Bee honey has all sort of shit in it to avoid getting sick. The bees are smart, we're dumb)

stay away from the hookers. They are a petri dish of ottawa's viral diseases! Wear gloves... shit, wear garbage bags!

Being fat is okay.
You may have to buy a richard simmons tape though. That would really suck. Do not watch this on a portable DVD while working though. Yah'd look like a sissy.