Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carbide Mustache Freeze My Ass Off

Yes, a blog post.
No, I did not pull the plug on the blog yet.
Quick "Thanks" again to everyone with their supportive comments and e-mails I've received. Much appreciated that some of you appreciate the blog. Time will tell.
For now . . .

Stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough this weekend to get my ass out-of-doors. Curvy Butt and I got out for a three plus hour hike over in the park. Did a recon of some possible trails - some I've ridden in the past, some hopefully next Spring.

Carbide Wilson Mill - clicky clicky photo to make biggie.

In 1911, Wilson began experimenting with the condensation of phosphoric acid in the manufacture of fertilizers at a mill on Meech Creek within the park.

Trails, for the most part after the snow, freeze and thaw that we've been having, were way too soupy to be riding on.

Beauty new-to-me single track to keep me inspired and motivated for next season (Sssshhhh, ignore the signage in the tree). Any locals know this trail? Unofficial name? It dumps out/starts at Cowden Rd near P16. Anyone got GPS maps they can send me of the trails in and around O'Brien?

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful sunny days. Major difference was the temperature. Saturday was like +5, Sunday was - 5 without the windchill. I knew that I had to get out despite the cold, had to get out in order to keep some sanity. Phoned Curvy Butt around 9:30 AM:
Me: Hey, you want to ride today or what?

C.B.: I'm sitting in my underwear drinking tea and I'm half asleep. It looks cold out. What did you have in mind? Road or mountain?

Me: Nah, not mtn. My arm is still fucked. Road. Loop of the park?

C.B.: Aaaaaa . . . Jesus, that's going to expose a lot of lost fitness.

Me: Pfffft, fitness. We'll go slow. That's the only speed I have right now.

C.B.: Okay. Gameline at 1pm?

Me: On.
Five minutes later . . . . another phone call to Curvy Butt after went outside to the compost bin:
Me: Dude! It's fucking cold out!!

C.B.: You bailing?

Me: Fucking right! I'm not freezing my nads off in that. The couch is nice and warm and there are some cartoons on this afternoon.

C.B.: Aaaaaa . . . it can't be that bad. I think I'll go anyway.

Me: Fuck!

C.B.: . . . .

Me: Fuck!

C.B.: . . . . . .

Me: Fuck! Okay. I'll go. Fuck.

And that's how it works. Left on my own I will always take the easier, softer way out. I need someone to get me going or guilt me into riding when it isn't fair weather. Thank gwad for Curvy Butt.

So cold Sunday. Had some emergency bootie repair to do before I set off to meet up with Curvy Butt. Dental floss - not just for flossing once or twice a year. It's super strong too!
Time for new booties. What are your favourites?

You'd look this mad too if you had my fat arse to lug up hills.
Like the stash?

Aren't you growing one? Didn't you know it's Movember?!? All to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer Research.

It being Movember Thom had a mustache contest going on - I lost. Golden boy won. Go figure. It was rigged. Check it out - my entry took me all of two minutes to do, had the originality of a Britney Spears song and was totally unrealistic . . . really, who could grow a syringe mustache?

Curvy Butt - always ahead on the climbs.

Might be my last time on the bike to the top of Champlain this season. Snows a coming.


Kark said...

you forgot to mention the lurching home in granny gears, 'falling-off-bike-in-laneway-tired' ending that didn't come soon enough for either of us.

Or you telling me about sitting in the bath, eating and letting food fall into the water so it'd be easier to chew. Which I might add is a very very sensible idea for limiting energy expenditure.

..to take it a step further; That could very well revolutionize the preparation of porridge.

Anonymous said...

it was friggen cold out on Sunday. I was out, frooze my ass off. ain't many in the park.

As for that trail, is that at the end of Power line?

I use to maintain most of the trails from the school right through to PL and FP... not just me... you'll see and older fella in there this time of year as well sawing down trees in preparation for xc skiing back there.

If you are on other side of the highway, I constructed a lot of the rock bridges on that side and the wild wooden bridge on tires... if its still there.
That was many many years ago though.

You're lucky you didnt encounter any nudies at the ruins.

Some time ago, I got a flat approx 5km into the trail. I look up and there is some guy in a fur coat coming down the trail with jonny fever glasses on. I keep pumping my tire. I look up again. He smiles, opens his jacket and voila... he flashes me!
Damn bugger.

An excellent ride:

start at Gamelin up 5 to 15 to 1 to 24 to 40 down 36 to 52 to Browns cabin then 27 (I think) to carmin trails to PL to FP to camp fortune via 9 to 4 to 1 to 15 to 5. I use to do that combination a lot back some time ago.

we have some great trails... its too bad most of them are closed off... night ride them! or ride them this time of year when they can't get in (you know who...)

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention - in the early spring when there is still snow on the trails, make you way up to the escarpment. there is some wild riding along it... and some really old trails if you look hard.

now is the best time to see the really old trails. As you head up to blacks, you can see a whole wack of them that head down the hill. To where, I don't know... never taken them.

Anonymous said...

search here: