Thursday, November 11, 2010

Colo-freak'n-rado: Day 2

I've been meaning to get to the rest of my trip from early September down in Colorado. Lack of riding in the off season hasn't necessarily meant 'all kinds of time to blog'. So, here's day two:

Fugg me. Who wears a sweater vest under their riding jersey? A mtn Goat does.
Goat took my last two nipple guards on day two. Fugger.

The fellas must have forgot that they had gears and tried being a single speeder for a bit climbing up Deadman's Gulch. I had an excuse for walking after my first taste the day before at Mt. Everest type height altitudes on Monarch Crest.

Rolling through the aspens on the backside of Deadman's.

Coming down the backside of Deadman's (is it still called Deadman's on the backside?) there's a trail sign for a chapel in the woods
- very worth checking out.

Gianormous deities.

Reno went on, and on, and on, and on.

Thank gwad for the views from near the top of Reno, cause if it weren't for them I would have dug myself an early grave.

This was on Flag - pretty much a full on down. Sean almost rode into a dead cow on the side of the trail.

If you're wondering where 'free range beef' comes from, look no further - it's from Colorado. Freak'n cows everywhere. Freak'n cow shit everywhere.

Just after the first third of Doctor's Park Sean sings Goat an epic ballad of love and riding.

Flowy, ultra buff and fast single track on Doctor's Park.

Mr Saftey gets a ride back to the top of Doctor's Park via moto.

After riding Deadman's/Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadman's we took a breather and then shuttled up to the top of Doctor's park. After riding Doctor's, at the end of the day and it was getting dark, Goat realized that he left his keys in Sean's truck at the top. Fugg me. We were fugged.

It looked like it was going to be a very long night ride for someone with gears (not me) back to the top. The thought of that, after riding all day, sucked giant moose ass. As luck would have it we ended up talking to this guy at the bottom of Doctor's who had a motor bike who jetted Sean to the top to retrieve his truck and saved the day.

Recovery pizza in Crested Butte. Check out Goat's 'personal pan sized' pizza- what a light weight.
Yes, of course I ate the whole thing.

Day one here.


Anonymous said...

nice pizza!

cow shit - yah gotta do the transrockies. It has cow shit as part of the fun!

hey, what happened to that stonner lookn' fella that was on your picture sidebar?
(he reminded me of a buddy of mine back in highschool... friggen hilarious)

Kark said...

nice post.. now I'm starving.

I'd totally murder a that pizza right now..