Monday, November 8, 2010


I know that I said that I was done for the season, but I could not help myself - it was too nice out today. Got out for a ride up into the Gats and almost had the whole place to myself except for a dozen or so roadies. Out of twelve or so riders I passed, I waved/nodded/smiled at all but one. I received one return for my efforts. The one that I didn't wave/nod/smile at . . . well, was the last rider I passed and I had just given up at that point.

Back in July I did a ride in the park while they were fixing the cracks in the road - I assume to get the roads ready for winter. Workers were digging out the old crack filler, brushing it out, heating it up, laying down new epoxy filler and covering it with toilet paper. I'm not sure how good of a job they did though . . . perhaps the recent cold and snow has affected the new repairs? Don't know, but the cracks seem deeper and far worse-off then they did before they were 'fixed'.

Watch your wheels, some of these cracks are wheel eaters.
Remember kids . . .


Anonymous said...

stay away from the wacks on crack!

there has to be some odd ones in ottawa...

I've noticed that as well - the cracks! As you hit up the climb towards blacks.
the cracks are bad.
stay out of the cracks or break your momma's back!

Kim said...

You need to move to Dundas. It's a magical place where everyone smiles and waves. Even triathletes nod engagingly. It's true!

the original big ring said...

Kim, i don't believe you. anyone wearing a one piece skin suit ain't going to wave at nobody . . . nobody.


Kim said...

Hmm. Maybe it's you...

wv: hypers

the original big ring said...

damn . . . there's alot of that going around lately . . . no one seems to like me anymore (maybe they never did)

time to kill the blog perhaps?

wv: acowis

a cow is a tasty supplier of steak and hamburger

A. Webster said...

Noooo, not the blog!! What would I read in my spare time?
Don't let arseholes on the road get you down. People are much nicer up this way. Roadies wave to me even when I'm wearing a Camelbak and mountain bike shoes on my road bike. Yes. Crazy shit!!